This is what my students say

Janni B Jahnsen

Photo: Elisabeth Pommern
Photo: Elisabeth Pommern

Janni writes about a clinic in Norway in may 2016:

"In this clinic the focus was on posture, energy and the direction the energy takes trough the humans and the horses body. Kathrin is fantastic in giving pictures and excercises (without the horse) that help to understand what feeling we are looking for.
On the lunge we worked all in all on small details in communication. When he (the horse) for example in a collected quarter-in tended to step short and not under the point of balance on the left hand, I took a longer step with my own left foot and changed the direction slightly... and: problem solved (Superponyhorse!)"

Kati Westendorf

Kati is a student i have been visiting on my tours to Germany during a few years.  She has also been a week-student and an intern at Lindegaard. This is what she writes about me:

"Feel with your body and soul what you need to tell using finest aids and precise communication. If I should describe in one sentence what Kathrins lessons are about, this is what I would say. 

It's about 3 years ago, that I was looking for a trainer again, as I had the feeling that one piece of my puzzle was missing. 
Kathrins creates a calm atmosphere whenever she comes and that was a big help and relief for me and my horses from the very beginning. She is a good supervisor and helps me regularly to sort out the confusion that appears in my body and my brain, so I can help my horses to understand me better. 
Due to Kathrins work I developed a deeper understanding of lightness and I understand the necessity of good basic work even better. When I change little details in my training with horses due to her "input", I sometimes get very surprised what enormous effect such little changes can have. 
During Kathrins lessons I can be myself, or even find another dimension of myself. Her pictures and her inspiration are very effective, but she always gives enough room for the single student to find the right feeling himself. I never felt like pressed into a shape that does not suit me. Whenever a suggestion does not show the intended result, she has at least two more ideas how to explain the task or to solve the problem. 

Kathrin also listens well when I tell about my work and my experiences and connects them with the topic we are working at, so they can become part of the solution. Her awareness and her positive focus helped my mare and me to leave our past behind and to work towards better movability, so her illness is not that a big problem anymore. But also my other horses have changed physically and mentally during the last years and I am convinced, that Kathrin enjoys the progress of her students from the depth of her heart. 
The biggest positive change for myself is, that I learned to see my sensitivity as a gift, not as a burden, as Kathrin helps me to use it meaningful by refining my communication with horses. She helped me to reveal old patterns in my body. Sometimes when I am training for myself, I can hear her voice in my 
backhead, reminding me about my body awareness.
Kathrin always gives us the feeling, that we can do it and she helped me to make a few big steps forward on my very own way. Thank you, Kathrin, for your empathy, your sensitivity and for the inspiration you share with us."

Kati Westendorf is a riding instructor and a physiotherapist for horses. Furthermore she has quite a successful German blog:

Nina Binderup

Nina has been a student of mine since 2014. I meet her regularly on my tours to Sealand and she has been at Lindegaard as a week-student a few times.

" describes very well the teaching of Academic Art of Riding by Kathrin Branderup-Tannous, which I've had the pleasure to receive since 2014. Kathrin is a dedicated trainer with a solid knowledge of biomechanics and the theory behind AAR. She has a sharp eye for the small details which can bring horse and rider forward in their development, and provides precise instructions in How and Why.

What I also appreciate about working with Kathrin is that she is against any kind of violence or use of force towards the horse. Emphasis is placed on communication and finding the right path for each individual equipage, considering the athletic capability or conformation issues the horse may have.

As the happy owner of a warmblood with a "warm" temper and big gates including a strong push and a flat, forward going canter, performing AAR is not an easy task. Under Kathrin's guidance we have worked patiently to increase my mare's muscular strength and ability to flex those pushy hindlegs towards collection in all three gaits. My horse has discovered a new way to use her body and is full of energy and pride - and I'm so grateful that she's mine.

Thank you Kathrin!"