Academic Art of Riding

What kind of journey is it?

In the Academic Art of Riding I found a way to spent meaningful quality time together with horses. Over the years it developed and became my way to meditate. I calm down, feel my and my horses energy and can balance myself. The better I learn do balance myself, the further I can develop together with my horse. Each day we meet each other again, each day is new and different, and each day we grow together. This way to spend time with horses is rich and simple, amazing but very down to earth. It is nothing exclusive. It is open for every horseman and -woman, no matter what breed the horse is, no matter how crooked his legs are. Neither do you need fancy equipment, nor stylish clothing. The art and the handcraft as it's basic are commited only to the physical and mental welbeing of the horse.


The art of riding can produce fantastic pictures, but the most amazing about it can only be felt by the horse and the rider, "when two spirits want to do, what to bodys can do." (Bet Branderup)


To me this feeling is the essence of the art of ridning. You can't win in in a tournament and you can not purchase exclusive rights. There is no reason to defend it against others, as it loses nothing of it's worth if you share it. But if you want to find it, you have to go for it yourself. You have to travel the way. But you can ask a guide for some directions. When you start to see how your horse is mirroring you, the Art of Riding becomes an Art of life. No matter on what level of education you are together with your horse. What you need to proceed to a higher level is consciousness, awareness and love. If you are ready to listen to your horse and to accept whatever you will discover, you can grow togehter.
There are good riders and trainers with and without formal education, license and recommendations. I feel honored to be a member of the group of licensed Bent Branderup® Trainers since 2013. This license is both a reward for my work and a chance to further develop my skills as a trainer in close contact with a group of excellent trainers. Further information about the license and the other licensed trainers you can find on