Weekend Clinics and events in Summer 2017

May 20th-21st 2017: Norway, HorseClue - Ronja Jahnsen

May 26th-28th 2017: Fair to horses - Big event with all Masters of the Academic Art of Riding at Marius Schneiders place in Lüdinghausen
June 17th-18th 2017: Germany, Private Clinic

July 1st-2nd 2017: Germany, Sabine Bühler

August 2nd-5th 2017: Summer Academy of the Knighthood of the Academic Art of Riding on Lindegaard
August 19th-20th 2017: England, Jacquie Billington

September 1st 2017: Lecture in Mülheim/Ruhr, Fichtenhof

September 2nd 2017: One Day Clinic in Hopsten, Germany, Julia Sandmann

September 30th-October 1st 2017: Clinic in Wenden, Germany, Tanja Pohl


Weekend Clinics and events in 2018

January 15th to 18th 2018: Trainer Workshop and Trainer Days 2018
March 22nd/23rd 2018: ART-Clinic, Wenden, Germany

March 24th/25th 2018: ART-Clinic, Wenden, Germany
April 28th/29th 2018: Dudmaston Stud, England - "Student of the Horse" Arran Parker

May 6th 2018: One-Day-Clinic Hopten, Germany - Julia Sandmann

May 12th/13th 2018: 2 ART-Clinics, Wenden, Germany

May 26th/27th 2018: Weekend Clinic, Norway - "Horse Clue" Ronja Jahnsen

June 16th/17th 2018: Weekend Clinic, Germany - Kristina Winholz

June 30th/July 1st 2018: Big event with all Masters of the Academic Art of Riding in Sweden
July 7th/8th 2018: 2 ART-Clinics, Wenden, Germany
August 1st to 5th 2018: Summer Academy at Lindegaard, Toreby L, Denmark

August 18th/19h 2018: Weekend Clinic, Norway - Margarete Lie

September 1st/2nd 2018: ART-Clinic, Wenden, Germany

September 8th 2018: One-Day-Clinic, Hopsten, Germany - Julia Sandmann

September 22nd/23rd 2018: Weekend Clinic, Germany - Sabine Bühler
October 13th/14th 2018: Weekend Clinic, Slovenia - Karolina Jaksova

Teaching Tours to Germany 2017

March 4th-12th

April 29th-May 9th

July 1st-9th

September 2nd-10th

November 4th-12th

Teaching Tours to Germany 2018

March 26th-30th

May 5th-11th

July 2nd-6th

September 3rd-7th

Nobember 3rd-10th

Tours to Sjælland

Almost every tuesday, please send a message, if you are interested!