Weekend clinics or training days are like holiday. Here you can fully concentrate on horses and the Art of Riding. Together with others who share your passion you can study the theory and pratice, find new inspiration and guidance for your very own way. Current dates for clinics you can find in the calendar. If you want to join a clinic, please contact the arranger. 

My clinics are open for up to 8 participants with a horse and a limited amount of participants without. Each participant with a horse receives 3 practical lessons. The schedule can vary according to preferences of the arranger and the participants but the practical lessons are always individual lessons. In the theory lectures I put emphasis on topics of interest for the individual audience (for example groundwork, seat, body language, lungeing). It is also possible to book a clinic for participants without a horse only. In group lessons we work with body awareness in order to develop a better seat and a more balanced and precise bodylanguage. If you are interested in organizing a clinic in 2018, you are welcome to contact me: